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The Thamesmead Travelling Cinema is a 25-seater mobile outdoor community cinema made for the people of Thamesmead! Built using recycled materials, including almost 500 vinyl records, we launched in Spring 2021 and host seasonal screenings co-programmed for, by and with local residents from Thamesmead. We have been shortlisted for the ‘Cinema for All’ 2022 Society Awards, including ‘Best New Community Cinema’! Read more about our work here


  • Community Cinema is made up of both Filmmakers Contributions and Audience Participation
  • We endeavour to screen Heritage films, Archive films and Second Run films
  • We value Alternative cinema/ Alternative perspectives, including Radical, Activist, Independent, Artist and World Cinema


  • We are a Community Cinema run by local people for local people
  • We aim to create a Friendly Atmosphere and Inclusive Environment open to all
  • We programme films which stimulate Curiosity and Critique
  • 70% of programmes have Local Relevance
  • Our film screening events offer Unique Experiences
  • We aim to be an open place for Discussion and Ideas, to ensure different Opinions are heard and Respected
  • We aim to give the local community a sense of Ownership, by Listening and taking on Feedback

THAMESMEAD TRAVELLING CINEMA aims to provide invaluable experience to young people in the operations of a community cinema. Now in the cinema’s second year running events and training volunteers, Bow Arts Trust generously support the volunteers with a bursary, allowing young people from diverse backgrounds to fully commit to the season of film. At the end of each season the volunteers get the chance to put their learning into practice and run their own curated programme, with mentorship from experienced film programmers Scully and Scully. Read more here