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Gypsy, Romany, Traveller Showcase, Estuary Festival

30 May 2021

THAMESMEAD TEXAS presents: For the Estuary Festival 2021, Thamesmead Texas have commissioned two artist filmmakers to produce new works for a screening programme in response to the theme of Imperial Legacy, specific to the sub themes of territories’, land ownership and mobile populations. The two featured artist filmmakers: Asmita Shrish and Daniel Turner (Aka ‘The Gypsy Sculptor’) are deeply embedded in Thamesmead, with a history of either living or researching in the locality. Thamesmead Texas have supported both Asmita and Dan to produce and display the works for a curated film programme, alongside an accompanying series of short films of their choice, for display from the Thamesmead Travelling Cinema, Lakeside Centre throughout the weekend of the Estuary Festival 29-30 May 2021.

GRT Spotify playlist curated by Daniel Turner & Liam Scully

GRT FILMS selected by Daniel Turner and Scully & Scully

Group: Black Saint
Music Video, 2018
4 minutes, 43 seconds

A moving image portrait celebrating GRT culture.

Scriptwriter: Damien Le Bas
Documentary: Roads from the Past, 2019
5 minutes, 43 seconds

A short history of Britain’s Gypsies, Roma and Travellers.

Filmmaker: Damien James Le Bas
Documentary: Riley Smith – Portrait of an English Tap Dancer, 2014
4 minutes, 25 seconds

Riley Smith learned tap dancing from his father, following in the footsteps of his grandfather and other ancestors.

Filmmaker: Shane Meadows
Documentary: King of the Gypsies, 1995
10 minutes, 13 seconds

A short documentary about Bartley Gorman, a bare-knuckle boxer born in Uttoxeter and a man that Shane had known for many years.

Artist: Daniel Turner
Experimental Film: Glamour, 2021
9 minutes, 45 seconds

“Glamour” was originally referred to a magic spell, an illusion said to be cast by witches, particularly this was associated with witches of Roma (“Gypsy”) origin, male and female.

Daniel Turner (Aka The Gypsy Sculptor) is an artist and educator from London, a Romani born in Kent whose family are still based in South East London with its many close associations with Romani culture. Dan trained at Central St Martins School of Art where he completed a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art (Sculpture). He works across media, including sculpture, video and painting. His work “Seeds of Healing” was shown in FUTUROMA at the Venice Biennale 2019. In 2020 he exhibited in Wales, in the Gypsy Maker Project, supported by the Romani Cultural and Arts Company, and in Berlin at the Kaidikhas Gallery. He is currently working with the London Bronze Casting Company on their New Edition’s commission.

Supported by Peabody Trust & Bow Arts Trust

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